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Frequently asked questions
We have put together a list of frequently asked questions, and awnsers. If you have a general question about for example, maintenance, warranty, or specific parts, please take a look below. If you still have questions after reading, you can always ask your Bakfiets.nl Dealer.
I am considering to buy a bakfiets. Can i try it first?
We understand trying out a bike before you purchase is an important step. Call a Bakfiets.nl Dealer in your area and make an appointment for a test drive. There are also Dealers where its possible to try out a bakfiets for longer. You wont have to pay for this IF you purchase the bike. You can also rent a bakfiets at one of the rentinglocations.
How many children can i transport in a bakfiets?
There are different bakfiets models. The CaroBike Short is for 2 children or 1 Maxi-Cosi. The CargoBike Long can carry 2 children, and has an optional extra bench that can carry an additional child. Instead of an extra bench, it is also possible to mount an extra MaxiCosi. The CargoTrike can carry 4 or more children.
What is the delivery time of a bakfiets?
Bikes are made on order. This means we only produce bikes that are ordered. The factory has a lot of parts in stock, which makes it possble to quickly manufacture and deliver new bikes. There are also alot of Bakfiets.nl Dealers that have a variety of bikes in stock. This means that get one tomorrow, or even today! If you ordered a bike with a special color, or a modified model, delivery times will be longer.
Is a bakfiets safe?
In short, Yes. The children are seated with a 3 point seatbelt inside a sturdy wooden box. The children are infront of the driver, meaning you can keep a close eye on them. The box is mounted low to the ground which lowers the center of gravity. This makes the bike very stable. Our bikes can carry alot more weight in comparison to a regular bike because of this. For alot of people, it is possible to carry small children in the front and on the back of the bike, but as soon as they grow a little, this will start transporting them with the bike heavier. Alot of people dont want to transport children after they have fallen over with a bike.
To what age can children be transported in a CargoBike?
It depends on a number of things. For example, the weight of the child. In our experience, if you cant transport a child on a regular bike anymore due to weight, it will still be easier to do on a CargoBike. Children up to the age of 6 can still be transported in a CargoBike.
I would like to purchase a bakfiets, but cant store it inside. What should i do?
The bikes from bakfiets.nl are designed for all weather conditions. Being left outside was one of the things being taken into account while developing our bikes. To do this, we use high quality materials that will last for years.
Why does my CargoBike move so easily?
Because of the excellent geometry and low center of gravity of the CargoBike, you barely notice the extra weight. Loaded or unload, the CargoBike will be easy to steer and move. This means you can transport quite alot of weight.
My child has grown too big for a Maxi-Cosi, and is too small to sit on the bench. What should i do?
To bridge this period, you can mount a seat on the bench. This will give alot of support and is easily removed later on.
My bakfiets is broken, and there is no Bakfiets.nl Dealer in my area. What should i do?
Go to a bikeshop in your area and ask for advice. Perhaps they can fix your bike for you. If a specific bakfiets part is needed, they can contact the bakfiets.nl factory in Hoogeveen.
I need a part for my bakfiets. Where can i get it?
Your Dealer can order the part for you. In case theres no Dealer in your area, your local bikeshop can contact the factory in Hoogeveen.


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